About Petoff

Where does the name "Petoff" come from? As with many American last names it was changed on arrival, likely at Ellis Island NYC, in the turn of the 20th century. The actual story may have been lost, but Petoff is unique as you can tell. This site tells the story of Scott and Jennifer so we can share with friends and family and people we've met as we've moved about, studied, worked, and traveled.  

We met at the University of Rochester ('93, '95) in Rochester, New York and have been together ever since including our engagement in Las Vegas and our magical Hawaii helicopter wedding + honeymoon.

Since we travel many times each year there's no telling where you'll find a "Petoff" around the world. View our Vacation List page to see all the destinations that we have visited on vacation and for business trips.  

The Petoff's

Jennifer Maciejewski Petoff

LinkedIn Profile

Jenn is a Program Management Director with Google. Her overseas job assignment made it possible for us to embrace the expat lifestyle in both Ireland and Portugal. Her work on the Site Reliability Engineering team resulted in the publication of the best-selling SRE Book. Her job includes global speaking engagements to promote best practices in engineering and project management. 

When she's not working, she is in charge of capturing photos and documenting the amazing and memorable trips that we take each month. Check out her Sidewalk Safari blog to see what it takes to be a part-time travel blogger.    

NEW: Doors, Glorious Doors - the doors around the world photography site by Dr. J of Sidewalk Safari. 

Scott Petoff

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Scott is a travel blogger and app developer with expertise in both online trip planning and travel marketing. As the family's CFO (Chief Fun Officer) Petoff is continuously planning trips to a variety of destinations in Europe and around the world. 

As part of his "take more time off" lifestyle, he writes for the VacationCounts blog on work-life balance, travel hacking, and time-off work benefits. The goal is to advise and motivate people to take more time off every year.

As a senior software developer and indie hacker he designed, programmed, and published the VacationCounts time off tracking web app.  His next product, the upcoming Vacation Weather (to travel) app, is in development for Android and iOS.