Travel Articles

Besides our personal travel blog Sidewalk Safari (part-time travel and photo blogger) and work-life balance site VacationCounts (how to take more vacations), here is our list of travel-related publications written by Petoff.

Petoff Published Articles

Online Research: The Ultimate Tool in Planning a Perfect Trip to Germany and Austria

International Travel News, October 2005, written by Jennifer Petoff

Imagining a Nobel experience in Stockholm

International Travel News, October 2006, written by Jennifer Petoff

Australia and New Zealand: Blogging Down Under

International Travel News, August 2007 (pp38-45), written by Jennifer Petoff

Argentina - Apartment Living in Buenos Aires

International Travel News, March 2009, written by Jennifer Petoff

Finding reminders of royalty, World War II and the Communist era on a five-country tour

International Travel News, June 2010, written by Jennifer Petoff

Petoff Travelogues

Browse And Go Travel Blog - Vacation Designer and Meliovation Inc. (concluded June 2007), April 2006 - June 2007, written by Scott Petoff and Jennifer Petoff

Petoff Adventures Down Under (Sydney, Australia and New Zealand Vacation), February/March 2007, written by Jennifer Petoff

Jenn and Scott in Argentina (Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, and Uruguay Vacation), April 2008, written by Jennifer Petoff

Jenn and Scott in Central Europe (Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Vienna Vacation), May 2009, written by Jennifer Petoff

Jenn and Scott in SE Asia - Travelogue Of Our Vacation In Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, And Bangkok, November - December 2009, written by Jennifer Petoff